Tattoo Power Supplies for Sale

Although the right tattoo machine is important, the right tattoo power supply is extremely important for keeping that unit running at a peak state. Before grabbing one on sale, consider following tips on how to choose the right tattoo power supply.

Tattoo power supplies come in a variety of volt range outputs with some capable of running as low as three and as high as 12 to 15. Some portable power supplies can run as low as 1.5 volts and larger power supplies can run as high as 20 volts.

In addition to the voltage being different, on the market today you will find digital and analog tattoo power supply units that are in unregulated and regulated models.

Choosing the right type is dependent on your confidence level, basically how well you can create your artwork and how much you can afford.

The amount of power required at any given time during a tattoo may change depending on the amount of pressure being used as the tattoo needle pierces the skin.

Also note that some of the newer style tattoo power supplies are only recommended for use with a coil operated machine, while other supplies can only be used for a rotary tattoo machine.

Contemplate the number of machines you can hook up. Many tattoo artists prefer to set up a separate machine for lining and another for shading. It's convenient to have a power supply that allows you to plug in two machines at once and just flip a switch to move back and forth in between them.

Carefully consider where you will be doing your work in relation to the size and the weight of the tattoo power supply.

In addition to the power supply unit, you should also pay attention to the choice of cord and foot switch pedal.


Clip Cord is one of two types of connective cords used to power tattoo machines by connecting them to tattoo power supply units that send electricity through the cord to the machine. Only high-quality clip cord is able to solve the problems associated with the voltage surges. Clip cords typically have a quarter inch jack mono plug on one end to plug into a tattoo power supply and a Y-shaped clip cord connector on the opposite end to connect the cable to a tattoo machine.


RCA Cable - A type of cord used to connect tattoo machines to tattoo power supply units. RCA cables come in a variety of options, like right angle RCA cables, RCA cord sold by the foot that you can connect your preferred phono plug, long RCA cables that give you room to maneuver while you're tattooing, RCA cable connectors that allow you to convert your spring-style clip cord to an RCA cord, and more.

All tattooing machines, whether rotary or coil, are controlled by a foot switch pedal. It's impossible to locate a power button on the tattoo machine due to its considerable weight and the fact that the second hand of the master is almost always busy. The pedal is connected to an electrical circuit, one end of which is the power supply, and the other one is tattooing machine. When you use the foot switch pedal - it's enough to lightly push the pedal down to complete the circuit and thereby put the needle in a motion.